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22.07.2015 - Lean and green label for LuxairCARGO

The Lean and Green label project was launched in June 2014 and specifically applies to companies of the logistics industry which are willing to adopt a genuine green approach. Candidates commit to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 20% over 5 years, which entails identifying CO2 emission sources and drawing up a detailed action plan comprising relevant key performance indicators.


“With 9,000 freight handling operations representing 725,000 tonnes of air freight completed in 2014, with our Pharma and Healthcare Hub offering 3,000 sqm of temperature-controlled areas, we chose to develop an action plan based on an optimised infrastructure management and on an improved staff awareness programme” says Laurent Jossart, EVP LuxairCARGO. In this regard, the division’s electrical energy purchasing agreement has recently been converted to 100% renewable energy sources and thus all electricity-driven handling equipment such as technical vehicles, the automated ULD (unit loader device) storage stacker system, the aircraft ground power appliances and all the lighting of the apron, warehouse, truck parking and offices for example are now powered by green energy. LuxairCARGO’s investment plan includes the implementation of a state of the art cold production system, of a LED lighting concept for the warehouse as well as of a new heating installation running on natural gas. Moreover, a team of experts, which is constantly monitoring the technical infrastructure and the energy consumption, keeps LuxairCARGO staff updated about the latest innovations available on the market to run the CargoCenter in the most responsible way.


LuxairCARGO is one of the first four companies in Luxembourg to be certified “Lean & Green”, just one year after the label was launched. Environmental efforts undertaken within the Lean and Green context have been rewarded but LuxairCARGO strives to further enhance its actions to reduce its carbon footprint. Even though the ground handling activity represents only a minor part of the energy consumed in the air cargo supply chain, this program also does help environment-minded carriers to reduce their emissions per transported ton.

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30.01.2014 - GDP certification for LuxairCARGO


The Findel airport has been rendered even more attractive with the commissioning of LuxairCARGO's Pharma and Healthcare Hub last April. Around 21,000 tonnes of pharmaceutical products were processed there in 2013 - a result that is perfectly in line with the expectations. With its GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certification, LuxairCARGO is now expecting a volume of 30,000 tonnes in 2014.
To support the growth of the air logistics sector, an investment of four million euros in state-of-the-art infrastructure and the training of 750 staff were necessary to drive the Cargocenter’s new pharmaceutical wing.
In addition, LuxairCARGO can now claim to be the first GDP-certified freight handler for the entire Luxembourg logistics platform, which gathers under one roof the air carriers, road hauliers and intermediaries. The GDP certification incorporates all the official recommendations and guidelines concerning the transportation and distribution of pharmaceutical products for human use and represents a real added value for all the stakeholders in the logistics chain and their customers.
In an increasingly regulated sector, the GDP quality label guarantees the final recipient the integrity of the pharmaceutical products will be maintained during their transportation and storage at airports. It also draws the attention of distributors to the fact that a lack of monitoring of temperatures may lead to the altering of the products' effectiveness.
LuxairCARGO's new certification will enhance the Luxembourg logistics platform and its dedicated pharmaceutical centre. Its setting up was supported by a substantial commitment from the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures.


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02.05.2013 - LuxairCARGO joins C2K


LuxairCARGO has joined Cargo 2000’s (C2K) quality management program. Cargo 2000 currently brings together 77 major airlines, forwarders, and third parties in airfreight.
LuxairCARGO, a business unit of LuxairGroup, operates one of the largest air cargo platforms in Europe. Located at a 293,000 sqm cargo terminal with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons, the company currently handles in excess of 677,000 tons of cargo a year for major airlines and air logistics partners.
Dirk Schmitt, Assistant Vice-President Business Administration for LuxairCARGO said:
“We decided to join because we see Cargo 2000 as the premier quality standard and quality management system for the air cargo industry. We are demonstrating our commitment and ability to measure and improve our part in the air cargo quality process."
“The time air freight spends on the ground is one of the most decisive factors in the whole supply chain. Hence it is obvious that ground handling agents need to be committed to quality because in our view the difference between success and failure today is more in ground operations than elsewhere."
"As a ground handling agent we need to be on top of our game all the time and the best way to know where we stand is by performing to Cargo 2000’s quality standards."
"The majority of our customers are Cargo 2000 members and we want to show our existing and potential clients our commitment to measuring and improving the quality of air cargo processes on the ground in Luxembourg. We also expect to actively participate in making the air cargo process more transparent and integrated in order to grow the business overall. The Cargo 2000 quality management system will become an integrated part of our overall quality and process management system.”


LuxairCARGO will be present from 4-7 June 2013 in Munich at the Transport Logistic.

You may find LuxairCARGO on the Luxembourg stand, in Hall 4 "Air Cargo Europe" (A4.412).

This stand is organised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Commerce and following companies will be present on the stand:



Air Cargo Africa 2013 is the second edition to take place for the first time in Johannesburg, South Africa from 20th to 22nd February 2013.

LuxairCARGO for the first time will show presence at an event on the African continent. From 20 to 22 February 2013 it will participate with a stand (Booth 34) at the EMPERORS PALACE in Johannesburg, displaying and sharing the advantages and skills of Luxembourg Airports' Cargo Facilities, making contacts with possible new customers.


The Event is organized by The STAT Trade Times, an Integrated International Transport Media specializing in Air Cargo since 1986, that has successfully organized 4 editions of Air Cargo India event which received tremendous response from air cargo industry and opened ways for effective business networking.

The event is conceptualised to tap opportunities in the African market. All eyes within the trade industry are fixed on Africa which is emerging to be the most preferred trade market and offers oodles of growth opportunity.

The exhibitons at the event will enable the air cargo industry players from world over to showcase their products and services to attract prospective partners, thereby enhance trade relations.

The Conference will enable all the players in the air cargo industry to come together and discuss on issues concerning the Air cargo fraternity, and carve out solutions.


 Handling of pharmaceuticals requires particular attention. An increasing amount of regulations brings an increasing demand for handling of temperature sensitive cargo. LuxairCARGO already prepares the future with its new dedicated Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Center within the existing infrastructure of the Cargocenter in Luxembourg.

As a longtime professional handling agent of temperature sensitive cargo, LuxairCARGO has initiated a significant capacity enlargement. Currently under construction, operations in the new Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Center will commence in spring 2013. The new infrastructure of 3.000 m2 offers two distinct temperature zones (818 m2 “cold”: 2° to 8° C and 1.600 m2 “ambient” 15° to 25° C as well as 70 temperature controlled ULD positions: 2° to 25°C) with permanent temperature monitoring and fulfilling all requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), IATA and the guidelines for the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use (GDP).
Our main infrastructure and the set-up of the cargo handling activity with very short transit times from the aircraft via the warehouse to the truck (and vice versa) is predestined for time sensitive, valuable and temperature controlled shipments. The new Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Center prepares LuxairCARGO for the future growth of this special type of air cargo.



From 2nd to 4th of October 2012 LuxairCARGO will attend the premier air cargo industry event, the TIACA ACF in Atlanta (Georgia). Representatives of LuxairCARGO will wait for you at booth 227. Do feel free to visit us and learn more about our services and about your opportunities with LuxairCARGO.


LuxairCARGO offers its European gateway and neutral road feeder services to all carriers who are about to operate flights to and from central Europe. LuxairCARGO is offering to organize, plan and control the distribution of inbound air cargo into the EU including physical and document handling.

LuxairCARGO provides smooth client solutions for more than 45 major European hubs and its road neutral feeder service grants direct delivery airport to airport, including handling at final destination or delivery to receptor’s warehouse.
Each shipment is individually managed, based on the scheduled arrival time of the carrier’s aircrafts. Direct deliveries are coordinated with the concernee in order to ensure on time delivery.
Besides the handling and management of the cargo flows LuxairCARGO also applies transit time monitoring to ensure delivery in due time. Further tools like truck waiting time monitoring will be in place very soon, which will make LUX one of the best managed cargo hubs in Europe.