Handle with care - 8 April 2013-

LuxairCARGO is setting new standards by taking its Pharma & Healthcare Hub into operation

LuxairCARGO, one of the four business units in the LuxairGroup, owns and operates the cargo centre at Luxembourg Airport with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons of freight. Temperature-controlled goods were already a key topic when this centre was being planned. When the new cargo centre was taken into operation in 1996, it soon became clear that this type of freight offered enormous growth potential. During the following years, capacity in the temperature-controlled warehouse facilities was expanded and efficient procedures were applied.
During the crisis-hit years of 2008 to 2012, it became increasingly clear that the flow of goods in most sectors started to slow down, however, healthcare and pharmaceuticals showed constant growth with increasing demand.
As customers requested to participate in the sustained growth of this industry, LuxairCARGO set the wheels in motion for expansion in 2009. At the same time, it could be seen that capacity in the actual temperature-controlled freight processing area in the cargo centre would reach its limits over the medium term if the industry continued to grow. It soon became clear that LuxairCARGO would have to take a major step forward considering the requirements of the new Guidelines of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) which should become applicable by 2013.
In July 2012, the LuxairGroup’s management decided to set up a dedicated area within the cargo centre’s existing warehouse to become a temperature-controlled Pharma & Healthcare Centre with a total of 3,000m2 of warehouse space. Work started in October 2012 and the conversion work was finished on schedule in March 2013.
Crisis as an opportunity
LuxairCARGO is the only freight handler at Luxembourg Airport, with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons of freight and a total infrastructure of 293,000m2. In 2011 the turnover was of 677,000 tons of freight. 
As a long-standing specialist for temperature-controlled goods, it was possible to expand this sector with a minimum of input, by using and reassigning the existing infrastructure. It took less than one year from the start of planning to take the new Pharma & Healthcare Centre into operation. This investment in a market with double-digit growth rates is a secure step into a continued customer-oriented future.
Despite the economic crisis, Luxembourg is currently the seventh largest freight airport in Europe. The cargo centre’s direct proximity to the apron and aircraft and the seamless connection to the European motorway network make shortest transit times possible. And low flight density on top guarantees the greatest possible flexibility. In a business field where time means money, this ideal setup has ever been a key argument since the cargo centre was opened. As this applies in particular for temperature-controlled goods, Luxembourg is a location which is pre-destined to play a leading role in Europe.
The needs of the pharmaceutical industry are bindingly kept at a very high level as a result of internationally defined, high security standards. If you want to enter this business as a service provider, you have to be able to offer absolute transparency, security and control. The complete handling at Findel Airport is in the hands of LuxairCARGO, therefore, all conditions are set to offer customers a totally transparent, safe and monitored flow of goods at any time. This “low to no risk” business stands on the physical proximity of the warehouse, aircraft and road transport.
The pharmaceutical industry’s understandable fear for loss of control of high-value freight is totally unfounded in Luxembourg thanks to additional security measures. Restricted access to the facilities, TAPA-A and GDP certifications are chartered guarantees for reliable freight processing.
State-of-the-art technology
State-of-the-art monitoring methods in the cargo centre mean not only that LuxairCARGO, but also its customers, can access the requested data at any time. Historical data is recorded end-to-end, every step can be verified by both service providers and customers.
Highly specialised and trained staff specifically in line with the latest GDP standards process the goods. TAPA-A certification, as well as a restricted access to warehouse, only accessible to employees with individualised security cards, meet the highest security requirements.
Four different temperature-controlled storage zones (see fact sheet) offer the latitude required for highly specific customer requests and provide solutions for the most demanding goods - be this a small consignment or a complete aircraft ULD or pallet.
Extremely short transit times from the processing ramp to the road transport, and vice versa, guarantee absolutely temperature-controlled and 100%-controlled forwarding processes as the apron is directly located in front of the new Pharma & Healthcare Centre’s loading points. Temperature-sensitive pallets are called up and loaded immediately out of the temperature controlled cells.
Seventy ULD positions are available in the integrated Schenck freight storage system in the cargo centre to store finished units at controlled temperatures.
A commitment to our customers and the future
TAPA-A certification and dedication to quality mean that LuxairCARGO offers an efficient, fast and secure freight processing service that ranks among the very best. As a responsible service provider, LuxairCARGO constantly invests in ever more efficient workflows, securing the goods and the flow thereof.
As a long-standing business partner for specialized customers, LuxairCARGO has in-depth knowledge of processing oversized loads, temperature-controlled goods and hazardous substances.
LuxairCARGO has been in business for 40 years and is a particularly dynamic factor at one of Europe’s leading freight airports. It offers not only the highly-specialised Pharma & Healthcare Centre, but also a state-of-the-art animal station, storage for artworks, valuable and hazardous goods, as well as an integrated and neutral road feeder service.
The fastest transit times, the greatest flexibility, the highest security requirements and the utmost in reliability mean that LuxairCARGO is one of the industry’s most customer-oriented service providers.
The company consults constantly with customers and participates in specialist international symposiums, allowing LuxairCARGO’s management to anticipate future developments and implement new features in line with customers’ needs.
LuxairCARGO will also work on expanding its position in the future and will make flexible investments in state-of-the-art technology and even better use of the existing infrastructure in order to be able to meet the market’s up-to-date requirements in plenty of time. 
New Pharma & Healthcare Centre:

All freight processing is temperature-controlled, the dispatch ramp is directly adjacent to the warehouses.
·         Totally GDP 2013 compliant
·         Warehouse capacity 2° to 8°C: 350 pallets (Euro pallets) – 818 m2
·         Warehouse capacity 15°C to 25°C: 1,270 pallets (Euro pallets) – 1,600 m2
·         Warehouse capacity 2°C to 25°C: 70 10ft-ULD)
·         Temperature-controlled set-up zone (2°C to 25°C)
·         Six dedicated, temperature-controlled truck docks

Cargo Centre at Luxembourg Airport (ELLX):

Fully owned and operated by LuxairCARGO with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons

·         Integrated, top service from a single source, 24/7
·         Eight parking bays for wide-body aircraft
·         Shortest transit times from/to the aircraft
·         All of the requisite specialist freight processing equipment is available
·         A neutral “road feeder” network to Europe, operated by LuxairCARGO
·         TAPA-A certified

Handle with care - 15 February 2013-

The construction of the Pharma & Healthcare Hub started in November 2012. Work is still ongoing and completion of the building site is scheduled for 1st of March 2013.

So far, the insulating jacket has been finished, the external power transformer point has been installed, the preparation works for the power unit have been done, the cooling unit’s engineering room has been built, fittings of central air treatment have been finished as well as the drain for the power plant, demounting of the FR-Deck schenck has been done, installation work for the cooling pipe system as well as for the sprinklers is still ongoing. The next steps will focus on the metal structures for the support of the cooling plants on the roof, the assembly of automatic doors and the cold storage rooms within the schenck.

Here are some pictures of the Pharma & Healthcare Hub.

Handle with care - 15 December 2012-

New dedicated Pharma & Healthcare Center in Luxembourg opening spring 2013


Handling of pharmaceuticals requires particular attention. An increasing amount of regulations brings an increasing demand for handling of temperature sensitive cargo. LuxairCARGO already prepares the future with its new dedicated Pharma & Healthcare Center within the existing infrastructure of the Cargocenter in Luxembourg.


As a longtime professional handling agent of temperature sensitive cargo, LuxairCARGO has initiated a significant capacity enlargement. Currently under construction, operations in the new Pharma & Healthcare Center will commence in spring 2013. The new infrastructure of 3.000 m2 offers two distinct temperature zones (818 m2 “cold”: 2° to 8° C and 1.600 m2 “ambient” 15° to 25° C as well as 70 temperature controlled ULD positions: 2° to 25°C) with permanent temperature monitoring and fulfilling all requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), IATA and the guidelines for the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use (GDP).


Swiftly from Highway to Runway and vice versa

Our main infrastructure and the set-up of the cargo handling activity with very short transit times from the aircraft via the warehouse to the truck (and vice versa) is predestined for time sensitive, valuable and temperature controlled shipments. The new Pharma & Healthcare Center prepares LuxairCARGO for the future growth of this special type of air cargo.


Cargocenter at Luxembourg Airport (ELLX):

Your Pharma & Healthcare Hub in Europe: 

Fully owned and operated by LuxairCARGO with an annual capacity of 1.2 Mio tons

All handling is temperature controlled, aircraft handling ramp is adjacent to the storage facility

  • Integrated, top quality, 24/7
    all-in-one service

  • 8 wide-body aircraft parking positions

  • Shortest transit times to/from aircraft

  • All required special handling facilities

  • LuxairCARGO managed road feeder-network into Europe

  • TAPA A certified

  • Fully GDP compliant

  • Storage capacity 2°C to 8°C:
    350 skids (Euro pallets)

  • Storage capacity 15°C to 25°C:
    1.270 skids (Euro pallets)

  • Storage capacity 2°C to 25°C:
    70 10ft-ULD)

  • Temperature controlled build-up areas (2°C to 25°C)

  • Six dedicated and temperature controlled truck docks




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