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LuxairCARGO is the leading air freight handling agent at Luxembourg airport, making it the eigth largest air freight platform in Europe. LuxairCARGO caters for all categories of cargo and aircraft and has a capacity of 1,200,000 tons per year, with further possibilities for expansion. Integrated processes from aircraft to truck and vice versa a unique and valued benefit offered by LuxairCARGO.

Based at Luxembourg’s Findel Airport (LUX/ELLX), LuxairCARGO is located next to a 4,000 m runway with ICAO Cat IIIb certification. LUX is a cargo-friendly airport, with no congestions and a high slot-availability. On the ground, short taxi ways help to save fuel burn and time. 

The state-of-the art 58.000 sqm Cargocenter was completed in 1996. It has been complemented in 2001 with a 12.500 sqm logistic center and has been further expanded in 2007 with additional 9.500 sqm. The current infrastructure has automated stacking, retrieval and loading for up to 1,640 unit load devices (ULD). A dedicated 90,000 sqm ramp area, located next to the cargo center area supports simultaneous handling of up to eight wide-body aircraft. This set-up results in average transit times for cargo of only eight hours, while a fully loaded B747 freighter can be turned-around in as little as two hours.

It is no surprise that LuxairCARGO has developed a major distribution hub for high-tech goods, perishables, livestock, pharmaceuticals and consumer products. The facilities and handling processes are additionally designed to handle off-size, heavy, or high-value cargo. A sophisticated infrastructure is also available in regard to the landside access. Being adjacent to major pan-European motorway networks enables goods to be delivered within one business day to the majority of the EU economic centers.



LuxairCARGO – Handled in good company.

At LuxairCARGO, our advanced security system and procedures are designed not only to fully meet all international requirements, but also to ensure minimum disruption to achieving fast and efficient throughput of cargo.

The Cargocenter has restricted-access entry and exit points for staff and visitors, while outbound trucks are sealed and scrutinized at a dedicated truck gate. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides continuous monitoring of all areas from truck doors to the apron. High-value goods are held in secure vaults and dedicated protected storage areas can have additional guards & security measures if requested.

Security features

  • Member of TAPA

  • Certified security system

  • Regulated Agent (strict compliance with EU rules)

  • X-ray & trace detectors

  • Constant surveillance of sensitive areas

  • Frequent spot-checks by dedicated security personnel

  • Comprehensive CCTV coverage of terminals, truck doors, aircraft apron

  • Secure area with a single and guarded entry/exit point

  • 100% securitized Staff

  • Outgoing vehicles sealed and inspected at exit

  • High-value goods stored in safe vaults with high-tech alarm systems and extra guards & security measures if requested

  • Entire area optimized for high security whilst maintaining high efficiency 

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