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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, LuxairGroup is committed to the economy of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and of the Greater Region. First and foremost, because its activities generate some 2,400 local jobs, but also because they contribute to the growth of the financial sector, industry and the economy of the Greater Region as a whole. The scheduled routes operated by Luxair Luxembourg Airlines connect Luxembourg and the Greater Region to the major European business centres. The LuxairCARGO activity, for its part, runs Europe’s 5th largest air freight platform, as for LuxairTours, the tour operator, it has, for many years, been a leader in its field. Plus, it goes without saying that LuxairGroup always gives priority to goods and services produced in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

The social commitment of LuxairGroup is also reflected by its backing for social and charitable organisations. The company is currently developing a long-term collaboration with the Red Cross and Caritas to combat poverty, especially child poverty. Similarly, LuxairGroup continues to back ECPAT, an organisation that campaigns against sexual tourism involving children.

Finally, through its numerous efforts to achieve sustainability, LuxairGroup is also conscious of its environmental accountability. By opting for Q400 aircraft for its fleet, the airline chose the most environmentally sound option.

LuxairCARGO has installed a high-performance system for selective waste sorting, which minimizes waste volumes by focusing on recycling. Following the system's successful implementation at the Cargocentre, it will be extended to all activities in the group.

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