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Special Cargo

By staying ahead of global cargo trends, we can offer customers specialized services for today’s mix of air shipments. Top of a growing list of  special cargos are perishables- such as flowers, fruit, vegetables and meat- demanding strict temperature control in the chain between aircraft and refrigerated road transport. Inbound pallets are broken down in cool rooms, while outbound perishables await departure in the stacker system’s thermal cells (0°C to +30°C).

For livestock, our Cargocenter is a fully-qualified EU quarantine station, with inspection rooms, onsite veterinary services, and holding space for any animals, from horses to day-old chicks. It also has special segregated areas for animal products for non-human consumption (NHC), the increasing range of restricted articles, and valuables-for which we provide dedicated storage and 24-hour security.

Special cargo features

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Temperature-controlled environments

  • Cool chain maintenance

  • Vacuum cooler

  • EU-certified veterinary station

  • Dedicated NHC & restricted areas

  • 24-hour security

  • Strong rooms

  • Well-trained specialist staff

  • Outsized shipments