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Import / Export services

Import services

Fully automated elevating transfer vehicles are fed with incoming ULD from over 30 airside doors and inserted directly into our stacker system in our efficiently designed Cargocenter that can hold 1,640 ULD – the equivalent capacity of 40 B747 freighters.

Our experienced staff sorts incoming freight by individual customer needs and destinations on automated breakdown stations, whilst through-units speed straight through to waiting trucks.

Arrival notes, cargo releases and customs clearance are all performed electronically.

Export services

As soon as we receive the shipments, our expert pallet builders get to work. They are trained and experience in handling any type of freight safely and competently. Pallet weight and contours are checked automatically before entering our fully-automated stacker system which groups ULD by flight number into pre-selected storage zones for fast delivery and optimized loading sequences into departing aircraft.

Documentation is handled equally efficiently. We accept shipments, check air waybills, issue customs and flight manifests, and prepare flight and crew documents.

We have all the necessary equipment and experience to deal with off-sized and heavy freight. A dedicated handling zone permits your cargo to go directly from truck to aircraft if necessary.